The Blood Rising is/was an Assault Cube Clan created on February 6th, 2010; and ended on May 26th, 2013.
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 a look back

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PostSubject: a look back   Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:18 pm

I look back and i say damn we had a good time. lol i think i am the onyl one that comes on here. well so whats the point of typing a huge rant about the past. well there is none but i am still going to do it anyways. this rant is not goign to be edited in fact there will probably be terrible punctuation and spelling but since i will prob be the only one looking at this who really gives a flying fuck.

the past: well damn when i started ac it was a jam a shit load of players great maps and games, then the updates came. i joined my first clan acc (assualt cube commandos) i learned alot then in fact i was ain my prime with ac. loved every second of it . had a passion for it and wanted to play alot. i then joined srh which i was so happy i made it in and in their i meet som awesome guys that i still know today. cant beat it. and then i did what i was wanted to do i mad a clan with one of my best buds on ac and holy shit when i look back i say damn we were really good. not just skilled wise but what we did as individuals in this simple fucking piece of shit easy to make downloadable game. now dont take those comments to seriously but honestly if u look at all the other free fps games they blow this game otu of the water and thats why we are so low with people playign the game. but since i said that some one is prob saying why would u say it. dont get me wrong i loved ac and still do btu i get bored of it today. there is no such thing as true skill but a way to have an advantage over a player making u better. love ac love what i did wth tbr. we were a kick ass clan and then life happened. graduated college real life hit looking for a job u know the real shit that ur parents tell u abot and then it happens and ur like fuck this sucks ass. but shit tbr was te shit and now i come back and see hwo ac is and i am like damnnnn. we had it good and we did well. i am thankful for my freinds i made on here. the time sticky haste bho zeus and especially bloodsport and iggy did with making servers and keeping up with them. alot of time and eneegy went into this clan and all i did was simply play. and i never properly thanked u guys so if u read this thanks guys.
the future: idk what i am going to do. in one breath i say i wanna get back into it but when i play i cant handle it . this game doesnt bring me the joy it use to. i get frustrated easy and i cant stand the maps. maybe ill join a clan again or fuck it i may just bring this baby back. dont give a fuck at all. tbr was the shit and will remain it. when people dont know my name i think that is what bothers me the most. already got offers itno clans which is funny as fuk to me. but hey . idk like i said.
rant is over now.... i always thought music could entitled how i feel so i will leave u with this music clip


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PostSubject: Re: a look back   Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:04 am

There is at least one other person who still checks this forum from time to time Wink

I know your feeling. Ac was in many ways a low-end game, but it was fun with a great community at the time. Sadly, things have changed. For me, the worst change was that the latest version has far more lag problems for players with high ping, and now that I live in New Zealand, it's almost impossible for me to play well.

These days I have a rather intense job and work long hours, so I don't have the time for gaming that I once did. Making money can be even more fun Very Happy Still, I have started playing a bit of tribes ascend (my gfx card is terrible so there aren't too many choices).

I hope all is well with our old clanmates.
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PostSubject: Fun time   Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:10 pm

I also look at this forum once in a while Smile. I first joined 1.1 after i quite 1.0. I changed my name and everything and the first clan I looked at was {TBR}. I thought they were (And still are awesome) so I wanted to join. I left and withdrew my app so I could be a perfect applicant the next time I app to you guys. I did, but the inactivity drove me. I still have a year left to enjoy this game and the clan that I am in now, .45|, before I really need to start thinking about life. I just wanted to say, {TBR}, ~TgS~ and .45| was and is the only clans i really liked and felt at home in. I made some mistakes on here, but i matured enough to realize how much {TBR} was a great buildup and wake up call it is for me (the family setting, the long apps) cuz this shit is kind of like real life if you look at it in one aspect. I seen Iggy and bloodsport this year and that made me happy. I am very happy in .45| and never been so happy in my ac career but {TBR} was one of the coolest clans, I wish i could have realized that earlier.
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PostSubject: Re: a look back   

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a look back
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